Intelligent Lighting Solutions

As we are becoming increasingly dependant on artificial light, science of lighting a space is becoming more and more advanced. Latest technology combined with innovative lighting design creates high quality lighting consciously meeting visual, environmental and efficiency requirements. It's no secret that a well-lighted facility attracts more people and intelligent lighting enhances the mood and desirability of the space. Studies show the quality of light affects people in many different ways. It contributes greatly to people's sense of well-being, worker satisfaction and productivity.

Ameri Lights, Inc. is certified by CALCTP for advance lighting controls. In addition,  certification as a lighting professional, puts us in a unique position to help you reduce operating cost and enhance performance through smart lighting application.  Call us today at 866-644-2737 to assess your lighting options.

Reduce operating cost by Benchmarking: Benchmarking tracks energy performance of your building. It will show you the areas and scope of improvement to maximize building’s energy rating.

By California law (AB1103) it will soon be required to disclose energy performance score prior to selling, refinancing or leasing commercial buildings. Benchmarking Service is a no cost, easy-to-use service that automatically sends your commercial building's energy use information to the EPA's ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager every month.
To learn more about benchmarking your building's energy performance, go to - Performance Benchmark

If you lease a space, as a tenants you can be more proactive by following the a few simple steps.

In landlord/tenant settings it does not help the tenants to be indifferent to the energy performance of the space they are leasing. One way or the other it affects tenant’s operating cost. Here are some basic tips for the tenants to be more proactive…….

• Ask energy related questions to potential broker and landlord when seeking new space or renewing a lease
• Identify energy-related clauses in the lease and how to amend them, if necessary.
• Understand the landlord’s goals well enough to propose compelling reasons for enhancing the building’s efficiency.
• Work with the landlord and the utility to identify and capture incentives that can reduce the cost of energy upgrades in the tenant’s space.

For commercial lighting solutions check list, go to- Checklist.pdf

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