When it comes to taking your business to the next level, more than often, lighting is overlooked or given a back seat. The common tendency is to run lighting systems until they stop functioning. It is like trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste. However, the facts below will change the approach towards investing in a lighting upgrade.

Impressive ROI (Return on Investment)
The average rate of return on lighting upgrades is an impressive 2-3 years. The main reasons are the potential savings on the electrical bill and the various incentives offered on energy upgrades.
In a typical commercial building, lighting accounts for 30-40% of the building’s energy cost. Depending on the type of business, efficient lighting systems can save between 30-75% on the lighting bill. Therefore it can be a primary source of cutting costs.
Lighting technology is advancing in leaps & bounds, more so in the last two decades. Like the computer industry, the cost of new technologies like LEDs and smart lighting systems is becoming more affordable as time goes on. Utility rebates and tax benefits further reduce the initial cost of the project.
In addition, the new technologies are much better in quality, last longer, and give off less heat. putting less load on air conditioning systems. Therefore, the efficient lighting renders further energy savings and lower maintenance cost.

Improved Visual Appeal
Lighting can dramatically impact the way people see or feel about your business. How you showcase your product or business set up can go a long way. You can enhance the visual appeal with the help of better quality and flexibility of the new lighting technologies.

Increased Employee Productivity
Scientific studies have consistently shown that lighting can have a significant impact on on human health, well-being, and productivity. Appropriate lighting can uplift employee mood by making them feel comfortable, alert, more efficient, and productive. Effective lighting design also promotes safety in the work environment.

Green credentials
The Green movement is continuing to gain momentum worldwide. Consumers nowadays are consciously making efforts in reducing their carbon footprint. There is a call and demand for businesses to go green. Green business is now a factor in consumers’ buying decisions. Energy efficient lighting upgrade is a solid step towards sustainability and reduced carbon emission. Helping the planet helps your business.

The bottom line is, efficient lighting upgrade is not an expense. It is a smart investment in every sense.

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