It isn't far back that lighting up a space was as simple as putting up a light fixture on a wall or a ceiling or plug in a portable lamp. To replace a burned out bulb you just bought a light bulb and screwed into the edison socket and turn the switch on. These days it is not so simple. Growing need for energy conservation has changed it all. A host of new technologies are replacing the old lighting systems. Energy efficiency is in the forefront of most of the policy making. New lighting laws are coming in place. Old technologies like incandescent bulbs, T12 lamps, magnetic ballast etc. are by law, phasing out of the market. Consumers are now required to use more efficient products and more efficient methods of using light. Products like LEDs, improved fluorescent lamps, advance lighting controls in all sizes and shapes are filling up the shelves.

Although the consumers may feel lost with so many choices, if utilized correctly, the new age lighting can do wonders to your space. Experienced lighting professionals at Ameri Lights will help you choose the right products that are best suited for your needs.

Here are some of the latest technologies that help maximize return on your investment.


LEDs are slowly capturing the market for almost all the lighting needs across the board. The key reasons for the rising popularity of LEDs are..

  • Lower energy consumption (almost 80% lower than incandescent light)
  • Very long life From ( 25,000hrs-75,000hrs)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to control and program
  • Produces low heat and no UV rays
  • Design flexibility. LED has simple but strong structure that allows amazing versatility in assembly of LEDs into different shapes size and color.

The upfront cost for LED products is much higher than the traditional. However, the return on investment comes with lower electric bill, longer-lasting and better-quality products.

A range of LED products like bulbs, Linear lamps, ceiling or wall panels,  puck, ropes, cans, tape lights etc are available for interior upgrade. For exterior applications, wall packs, canopy, high bay, street lights are gaining popularity.

As LED technology continues to evolve it will strive for more efficiency, better thermal management, longer life and better quality.  That means consumers will see LED  prices going down giving rise to more innovative applications that will yield more amazing results.

Fluorescent Technology

Among commercial sector T8 Fluorescent technology is still very popular for the following reasons

• High efficacy (lumens/watt)
• Long lamp life (2400+ hours)
• Control capability (dimmable)
• Ease of retrofit
• Reduced initial costs compared to LEDs
• Enhanced visibility with high CRI
• Reduced maintenance, disposal costs

Latest generation T8 lamps are  now available in  25/28/30w T8 Lamps. High Performance T8 lighting systems are generally superior in the class of T8 lighting, but reduced wattage systems like 25/28/30w T8 Lamps , save energy in applications where customers are unlikely to use High Performance systems.

Due to lower light levels reduced wattage systems are better suited for retrofit projects. These lamps use krypton gas technology, they require less wattage to deliver light. They can be used easily without altering fixture arrangements. Twenty-eight watt systems can save approximately 25% more energy than standard 700 series T8s, and 40% over T12s. Twenty-five watt systems can save 37% and 50%, respectively. Incremental costs for both 28 and 25 W systems fall within a six-month payback period, with 25 W systems being slightly less expensive.

Long, slim T5 lamps represent a significant advancement in fluorescent technology. These slim lightweight lamps are designer’s delight allowing them to create smaller and stylish luminaires. At Ameri Lights we offer a comprehensive range of high efficiency and high output T5 tubes.

The energy savings, combined with long life and hassle-free maintenance, make this lamp and ballast system the ideal solution for high-bay or commercial troffer applications. At higher temperature, they operate better than T8s.