We believe in the magic of LIGHT. Showcasing Your Business in the Best Light is our Business.

Our Qualification
Ameri Lights is a California licensed electrical contractor since 2009. Our team has a certified lighting professional on board and a crew of skilled technicians and program manager.

Here is What We Can Do For Your Business

Save Energy & Money
We offer only energy efficient lighting systems and design solutions that bring down your energy consumption without compromising your needs or interests and thus saving money on your energy bills. Due to long life span of efficient lighting systems, you save sizable money on maintenance cost.

Increase Visual Appeal of Your Facility
Visual appeal is the first impression of your business. Lighting plays a very critical role in that. With the help of advance lighting technologies and design options we can create fascinating appeal for your facility. Be it a storefront or a hotel, an office space or a college campus, manufacturing plant or a warehouse, we can help you turn it around. Our design solutions range from basic lamp and ballast upgrade to sophisticated smart systems that ensure additional savings and automated operation.

Increase Employee Productivity
Scientific studies have consistently shown that lighting can have a significant impact on our health, well being, and productivity. Appropriate lighting can uplift your employees’ mood, make them feel comfortable, alert, more efficient & productive.

Help You Comply with Energy Mandates 
We all are increasingly getting aware of the fact that to secure a better future we can not deplete our energy resources. While sustaining energy resources, the challenge is to accommodate needs of our growing population and flourishing industries. The first step towards sustainability is to use energy efficient processes & equipment. Today, lighting systems are mandated to be energy efficient by the governments worldwide. The new laws are in place to set energy efficiency standards for existing facilities and new construction or remodeling. We help you comply with these laws by providing only qualified lighting equipment or solutions.

Help You Earn Credentials by Going Green
Going Green is not just a latest trend. Astute business owners see the benefits it brings along. Economic studies have shown that companies utilizing green technology and selling green products are seeing an increase in profits. Companies such as Walmart and Target have upgraded their lighting systems early on. that has resulted in substantial savings in their operating cost. In addition, state level tax credits and incentive are available for green businesses.

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