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5 Things you must verify when you shop for LED lighting to avoid disappointment


new lighting technologies can benefit small businesses
What’s Stopping Many Small Businesses from Switching to the New Lighting Technologies?

So the new lighting technologies available to us have quite a number of benefits. Arguably, the 2 most impressive benefits being that they are an energy saver and a money saver.   These 2 benefits alone should have small businesses jumping for joy and rabidly having their old lighting switchedRead More…

light pollution in the city
Must You Really Care About Light Pollution?

We are quite familiar with light, but not many people actually know what light pollution is. Simply put, light pollution is excessive, misused, misdirected or intrusive artificial light. So what causes it? The culprit is typically incorrect application of exterior lighting products.   3 Types of Light Pollution   ThereRead More…

Bulb Technology Comparison

With so many different lighting technologies available, it can be difficult to decide which light bulb to buy. But don’t be confused. Because this technology comparison chart will help you decide which technology will work for you the best

Read More…
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