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5 Things you must verify when you shop for LED lighting to avoid disappointment


CRI and how it affects colors
Is Your Bulbs’ CRI Hurting Your Business?

Ever seen the term CRI on a light bulb packet? If you are running a small business, here’s why you should pay attention to these 3 letters.     It’s probably safe to say that we all have or at least most of us have bought a light bulb inRead More…

lighting retrofit and its benefits
Is Your Small Business In Need of a Lighting Retrofit? Here’s an Easier and More Cost Effective Way to Do It

Is your small business in need of a lighting retrofit? Is it really a worthy investment?     Why a Lighting Retrofit is a Smart Investment for Small Businesses As a small business owner, we are pretty sure that you want to improve productivity and provide a more comfortable environmentRead More…

Bulb Technology Comparison

With so many different lighting technologies available, it can be difficult to decide which light bulb to buy. But don’t be confused. Because this technology comparison chart will help you decide which technology will work for you the best

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