Ameri Lights Inc., offers a range of high quality, latest technology LED lighting solutions to commercial places. We incorporate utility rebates, wherever applicable, to offer sizable discount. This allows us to offer some LED products at no Cost or low cost. For the past 15 years, Ameri Lights has helped hundreds of businesses enjoy the benefits of new lighting technologies along with energy savings.

Since 1980s Utilities across the nation routinely offer substantial rebates through variety of energy efficiency programs.  The objective is to encourage adaptation of new generation energy saving measures to conserve energy while running your business more efficiently. Lighting has been at the forefront of these programs for obvious reason. Lighting accounts for about 18 % of energy used in commercial buildings.

The latest technology LED lights:

LED lighting has been around for 50years in the form of flash lights, signal lights, illuminated displays etc. However, in just over last decade the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds to dominate the lighting market globally. LED lights have variety of advantages over other light sources.


  • High-levels of brightness and intensity for a low power consumption
  • High quality light
  • Low-voltage and current requirements
  • Low radiated heat
  • High reliability (resistant to shock and vibration)
  • No UV Rays
  • Long source life
  • Can be easily controlled and programmed
  • Can be used in myriad applications because of design flexibility



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